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Basement and kitchen Interior design

Home Renovations And Refurbishments

Abbeyview Services Ltd offer renovations of all types for private customers in Essex and surrounding areas.

A Breath Of Fresh Air To Your Home's Interior

Do you feel tired of your current living space? Perhaps It doesn’t resonate with you as much as it used to, or perhaps you have outgrown it. There is no need to be settling for a home that doesn’t inspire you.


With our home renovation and refurbishment capabilities we can help bring your dream home to life. Whether that is redesigning kitchen and bathrooms, repurposing a spare room to a home office, playroom, or something else, stripping down walls to create an open plan area that allows you to host more social events or maybe just updating some old décor. At Abbeyview Services Ltd our team of dedicated professionals have the skills and experience to produce stunning results.

We Can Complete Various Renovation Projects Including:

- Door realignment

- Window realignment

- Appliance fitting

- Flooring

- Plastering

- Decorating

large modern renovation

Cost Effective Renovations

Making changes to your home often costs less than you may think, what’s more is that even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact on the final look of your property.

No matter the design, size, and complexity of your renovation we have the skill and dedication to work with you to produce jaw dropping results that will be sure to make you fall in love with your home all over again. If you live in Essex and surrounding areas and are not happy with your current interior and are looking for a change then this is your chance to get started.

If you would like to get in touch with a member of our team to find out more on home refurbishments today give us a call on 01992 899111 and receive a free quote.

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